Aug 24th Terms And Conditions

All users should be aware there is a new version of our Terms and Conditions available. All users will now be bound by these Terms and Conditions. You can view the updated TOS at 

Jul 14th Mail Server Updates

We are currently updating the server we send mail from. During this time emails from our system won't be sending. We will store a copy of all emails at Please use this link to check for any emails you may need.

Jun 15th Reduced Support Hours

Users are advised support will be limited during some periods in the coming days. This is due to annual staff training. We're removing our 15-minute support guarantee during the periods 16-06-2017 to 19-06-2017. During this time we will only be offering connectivity support. All other tickets will be queued and answered from 19-06-2017. Due to ... Read More »

Apr 14th Customer Support 14/04/2017 - 17/04/2016

Customer Support 14/04/2017 - 17/04/2016It’s a bank holiday on the 14/04/2017 and 17/04/2017 which means our support team will be running at about 20% capacity. During these days only emergency support will be offered to our clients. All other support tickets will be dealt with on 18/04/2017 so expect some delays in responses to your ... Read More »

Mar 1st Reduced Support Capacity

Due to staff sickness, our support team is currently running at a 60% reduced capacity. Delays will be seen in answering all tickets submitted to our support team. Unless your service is offline we would encourage you to refrain from submitting product support tickets for the time being. We thank all of our customers whilst we work hard to bring ... Read More »

Apr 29th Annual Staff Training

The end of May marks our annual staff training and as such some dates through May 2016 we will only be offering limited support. Support will only be given to urgent essential issues where a server or service is not connectable. This does not include ip blocks in our network firewalls. This year our annual training takes place 27th May 2016 ... Read More »

Feb 10th Save On Reseller 3

Visit our website Sales and Support:   Feb 2016 - Past Reseller Offer Reseller Web Hosting Plan #3 With WHMCS & Unlimited SSL Certificates When we introduced free ssl certificates for every domain name hosted by our resellers we knew it ... Read More »

Oct 14th The New 2016 Sever Range Is Here

Final Q4 Update 2015 2016 is fast approaching and the new server range has arrived. It only seems like yesterday when we were announcing the 2015 server range with remote controls and multiple locations for vps servers! What a year it’s been! This year’s new range includes great performance increases, higher frequency memory and huge 10GB ... Read More »

Oct 1st German Server Price Changes

We’re making some changes to the IP allocations on our German servers. Previously these units could only accommodate a maximum of 3 single additional IPs and whole subnets of /27 /28 /29 (8, 16 & 32 IPs).  These additional subnets were subject to a flat setup fee of £15 plus the cost of the ordered subnet. The good news is that we’re ... Read More »

Aug 7th Recent Site Updates, WHMCS V6

Finally, after a year in production we released v3 of First2Host, a totally responsive design adding solid state drives (SSDs) Hybrid servers and 5 vps locations, not to mention a nice new hot design with actual footage from our German and Miami data centre. When we first started developing our client area side of things WHMCS v6 had not been ... Read More »